Who We Are
Live from the Treehouse is a throwback to the days where we had treehouses, clubhouses, forts, and whatever else our mind created. The purpose of these safe havens was to provide a place that we can go to and be free and express themselves how they see fit. The idea behind our site is to create a place that our generation can come to now and do the same. This is a place where people can arrive strangers and depart acquaintances. The staff assembled come from various backgrounds but have one core theme in common: the desire to present and take in information in an open-minded fashion.

Our Story
Live From the Treehouse was born out of a desire for others to have the creative freedom to express themselves fully and the lack of alternative options to do so. While this is the age for expression and with the advent of social media, there are more mediums to do such expressions, much of that expression is contrived, dogmatic rhetoric that is usually copy and pasted from other peoples thoughts and ideas. Our hope is that LFTTH will galvanize people to push past what is out there and express themselves fully and creativity without feeling the need to fit a standard or niche. We truly believe that anything that is creatively honest and intrinsic to the artist will find an audience and home and furthermore reward that artists integrity by allowing them to express themselves freely and in line with their vision. That is our dream.

Our Mission

Our Mission
Live From the Treehouse strives to be a vehicle to the creative and interested voice of the millennial scholar, observer, worker, however you define yourself. The angles and stories presented in this medium are a plush representation of the view of the world from our generation, for better or worse. It is our belief that anything well written can find an audience. We do not promote hate, bigotry, violence, or intolerance and any material deemed as such will not be published.

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As we are currently just a seedling, we are looking for talented contributors. If you would like to join our staff or learn more about us please email livefromthetreehouse@gmail.com

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