Another Day

Another Day

The spirit moved me this morning when I woke up. When you think about the glory of God, you have to think about another day. You have to think that you still have tomorrow. No matter your flaws, the inconsistencies, the hypocrisies in your life, God gave you another day. That's enough to be thankful for. No matter how bad, long, terrible Monday was, you still have Tuesday. Everyone doesn't make it to Tuesday. Every day, God calls friends, family, loved ones home. And everyone will be called home eventually , but while you are here be thankful for the day.

Think about how far you've come, the highs , the lows , the close calls. How even in our darkest hour , God forgave us. He forgave our promises to him , the lies we speak, he will forgave . Think about how amazing that is. Think about how powerful his forgiveness is. He still saw fit to give us another try. You can fix it, you can make It right, it can be salvaged. He gave us that gift through another day. He delivered His mercy when we don't deserve it , when we don't appreciate it. It's  a gift that's tremendous . And we see that in another day. God thank you for giving us another chance to see another day , to grow , to learn,  to love , to forgive , to understand. Thank you God for another day.

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