Everybody Eats B

Everybody Eats B

Part of the mission of Live From the Treehouse is to serve in the areas we live with thoughtful and pointed service intended to make an impact that will resonate throughout our communities.

With that, we present our "Everybody Eats B" holiday campaign. The aim of this fundraiser is to help stock the NET Food Pantry, located in Tucker, Georgia.  Over the next month, we will be accepting donations and using those collected monies to purchase food and supplies most needed and desired during the holiday season.  At the end of the drive, we will post a tally and receipt of everything purchased to show where the donated funds went to.

Service is the gateway to greatness as it is something everyone can invest in and dedicate themselves to. It is our hope that you find this to be a worthy cause and one that we can use to help better our community.

To donate to Everybody Eats B please visit our GoFundMe by clicking here. 

- Live From The Treehouse Writing Staff

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