Fall Musings

Fall Musings

A couple of October thoughts on the NFL and Trump:

The genius of the NFL (and pretty much most major industries) is to create a huge emotional gap between consumer and producer. They have created a fan base that is rabid and fanatical in support while the owners and administrators remain distant and detached. The NFL has created a culture where the team overshadows the individual and anyone who goes against these tenants is shunned and devalued. Look at Colin. Drove after drove said this would be a distraction to the team that it's better to be seen then heard and all the other old bullshit talking heads spout when "the shield" and its infrastructure is challenged.

I don't understand how we are supposed to compartmentalize our humanity all in advocacy for a league that will ultimately betray you in the long run. His protest is silent, non violent , and thoughtful. But he's unpatriotic. I suppose fans want our patriotism to be visceral and unintelligible, very much like a Trump debate. This is a game where studies show upwards of 90 percent of retirees will suffer physical and mental maladies long after their careers,  but will not allow these same "warriors" to pursue alternative medication like cannabis, to protect themselves and their long term interests. The only thing they can take is what is prescribed by a team doctor/league employee.

It's just as corrupt on the collegiate level.  We chastise kids for integrity and morality if they take money from a booster or for signing memorabilia and question their intelligence, moral fortitude, whatever else they can dig up while buildings are erected on campus for the next library or cafe and the deans and presidents of these colleges line their pockets on the back of the athletic exploits of kids they find from (often) poor and underserved communities. All the while knowing full well 75-80 percent (if not higher) of those same kids will never play at the professional level and never have an opportunity to cash in on their athletic prowess. If that isn't the most gangster shit in the world I don't know what is. Yes these kids get an education from a top university but in the same breath it is insane that they risk their physical constitution and livelihood and do not get a dime. Don't preach about the stipend bullshit when TV revenues sky rocket and every college chancellor is making six figures.

It's hard to not think of a Donald Trump supporter as anything else but a racist . Some will say they are supporting his economic policies, or that they don't trust Hilary or some other weak ass excuse. I am not a fan of Hilary but she is one of the most, if not the most qualified candidates to run in American history. And with so many Trump fanatics going on about this being the most critical juncture in American history and how we are at the tipping point, why would we vote for the most unqualified person to run for president ever?

Personal morality aside, Trump has as much political experience as an infant. If he was so interested in making America great again, why didn't he pursue some form of office years ago to build experience? Trumps candidacy seems especially vicious because he has drummed up the darkest and most vile parts of Americana and given them a face. For too long our racists were unable to have a champion for their cause of irrational hate and thanks to the courage of Trump he has given them a new leader.

Hillary Clinton is one of the most, if not the most qualified candidates to run in American history.

Ultimately Trump has won this election cycle. He's not going to win (I update FiveThirtyEight every day with glee watching his chance of victory slip) but he's ripped apart an entire political party that is going to have to re-organize after the election.  And as a liberal I couldn't ask for any greater news. Leaders who denounced Trump face the ire of their supporters and calls of disloyalty . Those who are going down with the ship will forever be branded with a black mark as a Trump supporter by opponents in their attacks. Meanwhile Trump will be promoting his next television show with no skin off his back. He's also shown how ugly America is. How the progress we thought we have made is a mirage in many ways and that a crook with the right amount of hate can go a long way.

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