Kaepernick's Bravery

Kaepernick's Bravery

Cowardice and bravery are not distant cousins but rather siblings on the opposite side of the room. From any angle a coward can be looked upon as brave and vice versa. It depends as much as the gazer their moral setup and integrity which casts the final ballot in regards to their description. The rhetoric for Colin Kaepernick is split down the middle with some calling him a coward, a traitor to the American creed , an ingrate, a nigger, not black and out of touch (Rodney Harrison didn't even bother to Google Colin's ethnicity) the list is endless. On the other side he is a patriot, a leader, courageous , the voice for the oppressed, etc. I consider him frustrated.

It's a claustrophobic feeling, just this palpable tension that someone will always see you as a threat.

When I hear him talk and his reasons behind sitting I think of an American citizen despondent and frustrated by the continuous execution of black people at the hands of cops. I see someone fatigued by the injustices of our many government, economical, educational, and social systems in place that restrict many minority's and limit their opportunities before they are even old enough to know what racism means.

As a black man, it's a daily thought that engulfs me when I'm in public not necessarily that I'm going to die (that's present too) but that no matter what I do what I accomplish I can not outrun my skin. I will never out earn my skin, no amount of wealth will change the fact that I'm black. And that's at best. Just to be black. Not a thug, a nigger, a criminal, any other title. Sometimes I don't think about it but for a brief spell, sometimes it consumes me. It's a claustrophobic feeling, just this palpable tension that someone will always see you as a threat. And nothing you can do can change that.

As with any protest, I'm more interested in what Mr. Kaepernick does going forward besides sitting during the anthem. He's gotten a huge audience following him now and he has an opportunity to promote great change and thoughtfulness about how American are we, what patriotism is, and why we are so quick to defend a flag but slow to console the broken black spirits from any number of afflictions thrown our way. So this cowardly or brave act hopefully will spur a long look at the land of the free.

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