Why We Are Saying Truck Fump

Why We Are Saying Truck Fump

Election Night 2016 was the angriest I can ever remember being. I was absolutely furious that a racist was elected President of the United States in modern society. Trump ran on a platform of lies and hate and was able to tap into the hearts and minds of certain citizens more interested in reliving the “good ol days” rather than adapting to the current cultural climate. I could not sleep or think properly without hissing at anyone I was around in anger. It totally consumed me and I saw first hand how hate can rot someone to their core.

These shirts were born out of the frustration many of us felt from a bitterly disappointing election cycle. While the message is a bit crude, we could not think of a better and more appropriate message to express our feelings. One of the goals we had when creating the shirt was to have a rallying cry for all citizens feeling frustrated, trapped, and disenfranchised by Trump, his incoming cabinet, and his supporters.

The idea of America is beautiful, but on election night many of us were cruelly reminded of how far we have to go to truly uphold the ideals of this nation. These shirts will hopefully serve as a rallying cry for the victims of Trump’s continual and future verbal (hopefully only verbal) attacks. A portion of our proceeds will go to Planned Parenthood and raise awareness on the seriousness of domestic violence and assault, something our incoming President has shown not to care for in the slightest. We felt it was vitally important to use the profits from these shirts to help improve the world and protect those that might otherwise be forgotten. Thank you for your support and Truck Fump.


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