There Will Never Be Justice For Black People

There Will Never Be Justice For Black People

Another unarmed black person,  who was killed by the police, will not receive justice when Betty Shelby was acquitted of the murder of Terence Crutcher. I would say I am shocked, but at this point, a police officer getting acquitted from killing an unarmed black person is as normal normal as a black person being killed by the police.

The Terence Crutcher case is quite disturbing for a number of reasons. The shooting officer is a white woman. White women are seen as the most vulnerable creatures on the planet and to be protected from black men at all costs. White men look out for themselves first, but a very close second are the white women that they marry and father. I should add that I have nothing against white women (I feel I should not have to say this but you know just some shit you have to make clear in today’s society) and if Elise or Kiara from high school ever hoped in my DM, I would reply quicker than it takes for a white cop to shoot a black person.

Shelby has two layers of protection working for her. The first was that she is a police officer. The second is that she is a white woman. The badge gives her a license to kill black people without having to worry about the consequences. She knew she could kill a man in cold blood and reasonably assume that she would get away with it.

There is a long list of things that black people cannot do in this country without the threat of being killed.
White women are associated with purity, beauty, and perfection. To think that a white woman would kill someone without her being in absolute fear for her life is asinine. Shelby is allowed to act on her fear in an extreme manner, but Crutcher is not allowed to be nervous or wonder why he has guns drawn on him for car trouble.

I just want to know what type of training do police academies give their officers. Do they tell them a simple mantra; "when in doubt, just shoot"? I understand that being a police officer is a difficult job, but there are a lot of other jobs that are much more difficult. There is also the one fact that people forget when it comes to being a police officer. THEY FUCKING CHOSE THE JOB. Very few, if any, police officers were forced to become cops. This is a career they chose. Crutcher, like every other black person, did not choose to be black. I am also sure he did not choose to have car trouble.

Shelby said that she feared for her life. EVERY SINGLE VIDEO shows Crutcher with his hands in the air. Why the fuck are you a police officer if the sight of a black man with his hands up scares you? Crutcher was doomed to die no matter what he did that day. He was labeled as a bad guy from the get-go. The man was having car trouble. There is a long list of things that black people cannot do in this country without the threat of being killed and having car trouble jumped into the top ten right between walking home from the corner store and listening to music in a car at a gas station.


NOTE: I did not provide a video link to the shooting directly because I mentally can not handle watching another video of a black person being killed by the police. I am a huge advocate for black mental health and I strongly believe that videos of these killing are negatively impacting our mental health. 

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