The Process

The Process

The creative process is my most selfish time in my life. I am tyrannical about how I create. I don't let anyone read , offer opinions, edit unless I offer them the opportunity. This isn't a communal experience it's very much a solo mission.

My phone is littered with sentences, ideas, words, random lines of things that come to me throughout the day . Sometimes, I'll write and re-write the same sentence five times over until I feel it looks, more importantly feels right.

I'm of the belief that anything that is well written can find an audience . Some of my favorite books, articles, blogs are things I typically wouldn't find interesting . But they are well written, so I give them a chance and my interest spawned. It's my goal that anything we put on this site is well written, thoughtful, and interesting to a wide range of folks.

That's a glimpse into my writing process. I'll never apologize for the way I write. It's a very small and insulated process but it's one I am very comfortable with.

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