Voices of a Millennial Generation

As millennials start to take center stage in the next five to ten years we are lacking something that generations in the past had. We do not have leaders. We lack voices but we make a lot of noise. An extremely large amount of noise, but are we being heard?
This is not me being pessimistic. This is my asking for leaders. This is me asking for more people to find their niche. This is me asking for people to become what they think they are and step into their potential and reveal their gift to the world. I am asking for group centered leaders that will put the needs of the people they serve before themselves.

I believe everyone has a gift. We are all meant to be something for someone else. The problem I see with people is that they do not know what their gift is. For example I found out (in a very terrifying way) that I have the gift of words. I am at my best when working in my gift. I can connect with people on a deeper level when I decide to. I am able to capture a room. The problem with me and many others is that we do not always allow our calling to work for us. We choose to fight against what is best for us and thus lose the ability to connect to others. Instead of fighting to be something we are not, we need to embrace who we are and capitalize on that. We need to learn what our gifts are and use them to better the world.

"We must feel compelled to act even when the show is not showcasing your Greek letters."
-Gerron Scott

I fully believe in the collective 100. That is the idea that it takes 100% of the people to enact change. With that said, we must realize that not everyone can be seen on television or on stage at the events. We need the people that are willing to give up glory to be the speech writers, the person who makes the phone calls and the people in the crowd. We need everyone to enact the change we want to see.

Above all else, we need to have a goal and have an organized way of obtaining that goal. Bringing awareness to a problem that has been going on for decades (sometimes centuries) is not enough. The people that you are trying to make aware are often the ones who cause the problems. I’m not saying it does not work, but it is certainly not enough. We need strategic goals. If we want a police force to understand –and there is a difference between awareness and understanding- that the practices that they use to treat people will no longer be tolerated, then we have to do exactly that. We have to organize into community watch groups and use measures within the law to ensure the safety of our groups.

If we want businesses to understand that we will no longer take the way the way they treat consumers and the tax breaks they receive do nothing to help working families then we must do that. We must boycott the businesses. We must make a sustained movement to make sure that their earnings drop.

If we want cable networks to understand that we will no longer be subject to television that represents our people as classless and degrades our women, then we must do exactly that. We must boycott the shows and the networks. We must feel compelled to act even when the show is not showcasing your Greek letters. We must make sure the ratings drop and the advertisers pull their ads from everything that we do not support.

Just like they did in Berlin, we can break the walls of concrete that were built and tear them down completely. We can then take those materials and build with them whatever we want. But whatever we build, I hope that it will be a platform for our generation to stand upon.


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