Incompetence Is Ok If You Are Rich and White

Incompetence Is Ok If You Are Rich and White

I am sure you have seen the video of likely Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos of the United States saying "guns are needed in schools to defend students from grizzly bears." Devos is the daughter of a billionaire and married another one. She has no understanding of policy and if it were up to her all schools would be privately run. I now understand why they held her hearing during a time when most Americans would be too busy to pay attention. She is an incompetent idiot. However, her incompetence is forgiven because: a) she has enough money to run a small island and b) she is white.

In an effort to stick it to liberals in every imaginable way, the GOP is selecting someone who has no background in public education. I am sure they could find someone more competent to be Secretary, but to do that they would have to be competent and they are not. They are more concerned with the donors that are filling their pockets, that they do not care if someone can actually do their job. Deny Climate Change? Sure. Believe Mexicans are killing and raping everyone while simultaneously taking all of our jobs? Why not. As long as you are rich and white you can be extremely incapable of doing the job and still be considered for a top position in government.  Just pay your dues (in money not time) and you can run a department that you believe should not exist. The Trump administration is shaping up to be as incompetent as they are rich (collectively worth around $35 billion).

People keep saying give Trump and his team a chance. I say fuck that. It is like telling a 13-year-old to drive across town by themselves. Sure, he might know where he is going and how to start the car. He can identify the gas pedal and even take it out of park. But do you really trust him to get to the end of the street, know how to break, how to turn, when to press the gas? What if he has to get on the highway? Do you trust a 13-year-old kid to drive on the highway? I don't. Donald Trump and his team are the 13-year-olds. A group of rich white kids who have no idea of what it is like to not be a millionaire. They think that because they have money and are white they do not have to be good or qualified at their jobs.


To a degree they are right. Being white already affords you certain privileges. Being rich and white allows you to do whatever the hell you want.  You can become Secretary of Education or President without knowing anything about the job.

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